Cinderella - Disney AU {Starter for aroundtheworldinasinglesprint} 


"Differently, huh?" He remarks. "I like different. It’s more fun." He continues with a grin. It wasn’t often he met someone who wasn’t raised like royalty.

"I suppose for someone who’s never been to a ball before, this would seem pretty exciting. But trust me, it’s always the same people, the same music, and the same conversations, over and over again." He sighs, rolling his eyes at the memories of spending night after night doing the same thing. "Anyway, this one should be more fun. Because now I’ve got a new friend." He smirks, winking at Wisteria. 

He notices the band finishing one piece of music and preparing to start another. “Would you like to dance?” He asks with a smile, holding out his hand. 

[she chuckles at that, making a nod to agree.]

i suppose that would get tiring. it certainly does sound dull- don’t you think they would try different things?

[wisteria frowns at that, surveying another glance at the prestigious ball. the music was certainly lovely but the conversations she had picked up on sounded drab now that she thought about it- and lovey or not, if this was all that was played, she would certainly get sick of it.]

[still, she grinned brightly at the invitation.]

yes! oh- was that too eager? i think it might have been.

[she laughs at her own little joke.]

"Wistyyyyyy. Wisty, I have a question for you: do you have yellow nail polish?"




several shades actually, we got daffodil, pastel, the kind of yellow you see on lil duckies, the kind that burns your eyes out- why? whaddya need?

"You’re the queen, sister, I’m all yours!” -He grins wide, folding both arms across his chest as she zooms out and returns fast as lightning.-


"Ooooooh, colorful! ‘Li’l Ducky’. That’s a great name for a color, I like it.” -Examining the bottles before him, he makes quick work of snapping off both red gloves, tossing them aside and wriggling his fingers excitedly.- 

li’l ducky it is! 

[wisty screws off the cap and grins, getting to work. so long as he kept still and didn’t mind her more laid back speed, it wouldn’t be too bad- at least until it had to dry. that’d suck- she still hadn’t tested the cold water trick yet, to be honest.]

so tell me about this bet…

In Britain, make-up might have been hard to find, but it was worn with pride and became a symbol of the will to win. ‘Put your best face forward,’ encouraged a 1942 Yadley advertisement in Churchillian tones. ‘War, Woman and Lipstick' ran a celebrated Tangee campaign. Bright red was the favourite wartime colour for lips and nails and lipstick names were often patriotic: Louis Phillippe's Patriotic Red; Fighting Red by Tussy and Grenadier - The new Military red created by Tattoo, effective with air force blue and khaki.

During wartime, a subtle change had taken place in the marketing and the perception of make-up. It was no longer about making a woman seem ‘dainty’, but making her look and feel strong. Rosie the Riveter became a wartime icon in the USA, representing the six million women working in factories for the war effort. [Rockwell] portrayed Rosie as a vast figure in work dungarees, her short sleeves revealing arms the size of prize-winning hams. Behind her hangs the stars and stripes, squashed carelessly under her feet is a copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and on her mighty lap rests a lunch box and a huge riveting machine like an enormous gun. [Her] henna red curls, lipsticked mouth and painted finger nails stress her femininity, emphasising the fact that make-up too was a weapon of war [Madeleine Marsh, Compact and Cosmetics: Beauty from the Victorian Times to the Present Day]

Cinderella - Disney AU {Starter for aroundtheworldinasinglesprint} 


"Your first time?" His eyes widen slightly, although he had guessed himself that she was not used to these things. But he hadn’t realised that she’d never been to one before. "Well then, I volunteer to be your guide for the rest of the evening." He continues with a smile. 

"It’s a pleasure to meet you, Wisteria. Now, if you look around the room, you’ll see the posh people, the snobbish people, the aristocratic people you catch my drift.” He says with a small laugh, pointing around the room at various groups of people. “Honestly, I’m rather glad you’ve come along. I gather you’re not the typical upper class aristocrat? To be honest with you, neither am I. I usually find these sort of things pretty dull." He admits, with a hint of excitement in his voice. Finally, someone who wasn’t a boring, tedious snob. 

[she nods, almost wondering if that was bad. of course not though, everyone starts somewhere, right? …except this wasn’t really a start, it was more of a one-time-only thing. for a moment the reminder saddened her- but she knew it was just a single night off from being wisty, who lost everything to that woman and her daughters, she knew it from the beginning and just one night… well, she couldn’t spend it being sad. so she grins when he volunteers.] 

it’s an honor and a pleasure, really. 

[wisteria giggles a bit at his description, but shrugs- wait no bad wisty, this is a fancy ball you do not shrug.]

i suppose not, i was raised… differently.

[as a house keeper. except her father had always taught her differently as well…]

really? i always thought they were rather exciting- though if you don’t like the people here, i could understand the dullness.

"Wistyyyyyy. Wisty, I have a question for you: do you have yellow nail polish?"




several shades actually, we got daffodil, pastel, the kind of yellow you see on lil duckies, the kind that burns your eyes out- why? whaddya need?

"Fan-TAS-tic! All of them!"


"I lost a bet and need to look eye-burningly fabulous to backfire the joke, wanna lend a bro a hand?”

ohoho, i see! well, we’ll need to coordinate of course- but i think the lil ducky color or something more on the gold end of the spectrum would look good on you. 

[she races off and returns with 14 different vials of yellow nail polish that all vary in shades.] 

Cinderella - Disney AU {Starter for aroundtheworldinasinglesprint} 


He watches the girl for a moment, wondering who she is. She doesn’t appear to be here with anyone; in fact, she looks quite lost and alone. Definitely not one of the snobby people who constantly looked down on you just because you weren’t their definition of a royal. 

He snaps out of his thoughtful daze when he realises that the girl has seen him watching her. Better go and make an introduction before she thinks he’s crazy. He makes his way around the ballroom, avoiding as many people as possible, until he reaches the girl.

"Hello. You don’t look familiar. And here I thought I knew everyone." He greets her with a smile. "I’m Prince Richard." 

[nervously, wisty remained in her… little area while the other approached. it was strange, surreal even, to be here- and the closer he got, the more composed she seemed. as if she actually should be there. except inside she was screaming- and this only intensified as he introduced himself.] 

this is…my first time. at anything like this, actually.

[annnnd there went a bit of that composure. was. was this allowed? she was talking to a prince. her. was she going to get in trouble for this? despite the unnerved feeling in her stomach, she offers a shy smile.]

my name is wisty- wisteria west.




helloooo, not-quite-twin! it's been like, forever, so i thought i'd say hi!



"Hey there sister, it’s great to see you! What’s goin’ on, gorgeous?!”

ohhh, you know, the usual. 

bad guys ‘nd thieves and getting thrown through walls when i’m just not that little bit fast enough, same old. 





"Dude— Lady— you’re blowin’ my mind here!” Superboy gaped. He was so dreaming! A girl Robin? Girl Titans? A girl him?! What more could a teenage boy created in a laboratory test tube less than two years prior ask for?

But, hold up. There was another liiiiiittle detail in there.

"Waitwaitwait, back up the truck, Speed Buggy. What’s this about evil versions of people?”

they say i do that well. 

[she winces and runs a hand through her hair.]

yyyyyeah, so, apparently there’s a universe where the justice league was all, hey so people suck, let’s take over the world and rule them like tyrants! and it just sort of spiraled into a huge mess from there but from what i know they haven’t been up to anything lately, so, yaaaay? 

[deflating in posture, she sighs.] 

except they’re still being horrible murderers and cruel rulers elsewhere.

"Wistyyyyyy. Wisty, I have a question for you: do you have yellow nail polish?"


several shades actually, we got daffodil, pastel, the kind of yellow you see on lil duckies, the kind that burns your eyes out- why? whaddya need?