"Rain’s really comin’ down hard." 



"I heard thunder earlier; was really hopin’ for a good storm.”

i know, right? for a half-hour i thought it’d get like that but nope.


Whoa— Wisty, you seriously need to watch where you’re running, okay? Jeez— You nearly killed me.

woops! sorry, i swear i didn’t mean it! 

"Soo~ how about a girl's night out?"

how about hell yes lets do this thing

nnnno i didn’t spend literally all day playing disney magical world what are you talking about

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aw, robin, i thought you loved me. 

[over exaggerated pouting here]

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                    oh, dear mother,
                                        i love you.
             i’m sorry, i wasn’t good enough.

                                                dear father,
                                                          forgive me.
                                ‘cause in your eyes i just never
                                                                       added up 

                    in my heart i know i failed you,
                              but you left me here

                                        { a l o n e . }


 i dd not ask for the life that i was given, 
                             but it was given none the less.
                & with it,
          i did my best.


ok apparently the burn book blog deleted and claimed it was a social exp

sit the fuck down and shut up forever because that was, in no way, a social experiment and if you try and tell me it is, i will fly over to where you are and actually punch you

ethical issues of that experiment:

  • emotional harm to participants
  • possibly death, if a person is pressured/bullied enough
  • illegal??? because cyberbullying???
  • you might be working with particular groups i.e. those under 16, those who have been clinically diagnosed with depression or schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, those with disabilities, which will not only mean that your participants can’t give informed consent (because you haven’t asked guardian/others about it) but it will provide confounding variables to your experiment and make it invalid anyway since your independent variable might not be affecting your dependent variable
  • no informed consent
  • no brief or debrief as to what the experiment was about, what it entails, what it’s about
  • no right to withdraw from the experiment at any time
  • no consent at all, actually, since i’m p sure those ‘part’ of the ‘experiment’ did not agree to being torn apart like that
  • no right to withdraw the data collected from the participants before or after the experiment
  • participants given no opportunity to ask about the experiment/get all the necessary details
  • no contact details for the experimenter OR the supervisor (if there is a supervisor)
  • dealing with international groups/those living in other countries; your ethics forms also includes a sheet you have to fill in if you’re experimenting with foreign participants that has to be signed by YOUR government AND the participants’ government which states that you’re not going to do anything damaging, that you’ve been approved by the ethics committee and that you don’t have a criminal record
  • not told where the data collected is going to be kept, who is going to see it, how anonymous the data will be kept
  • no follow-ups, no offers of support for participants in case of psychological trauma

there is no way the apa or the bps approved this experiment; they wouldn’t even let anyone replicate milgram’s 1960 experiment in the early 2000’s because it was so unethical, so please don’t fucking shame yourself and prove yourself as an uneducated piece of shit by claiming it’s a ‘social experiment’ because you’ve literally countered every fucking ethical guideline i have been taught by actual psychologistswho constantly write in the field and if i see your work published, through some stupid fucker, you can fucking bet i’m going to tear down your bullshit report within minutes BECAUSE YOUR EXPERIMENT IS INVALID ANYWAY, EVEN IF IT WASN’T COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY UNETHICAL

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