Through a process called grafting, a single tree has been developed that produces over forty different kinds of fruit, including peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines and cherries.

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{ her lips twitch upward as the girl snickered, obviously enjoying the jab at Batman far more than she should. }  Compassion?  Batman?  If he was compassionate then Robin wouldn’t have left him.  Obviously didn’t show enough feelings. { she was guessing, anyway. }

oh, no, he’s totally emotionally constipated- nothing shows well save for his disappointment in you. he’s kinda like the ultimate disappointed but not angry dad like that. but he wasn’t always like that, y’know. but yeah, emotional constipation from your mentor and a need to be seen for yourself and not the adults around you- well, there’s an obvious joke about leaving the nest there. pretend i said it. 

[she just shrugs.] 


Huh, now that you mention it, you do look a lot like Wally… I really thought you were a cosplayer or someone who replicated the experiment and was just messing around. Are you related to him?”

Somethin’ like that- the Wally I know refers to me as his sister. But I am him. Yanno, if he were born, raised and identified as a girl. [She grins brightly.] Though this isn’t the first time someone thought I was a fan or a cosplayer! 


What? That doesnt make sense. I mean, there’s only one Green Arrow, and he’s always been a man. I think there were female Green Lanterns anyway, because there are so many, but the Flash is a man too. And Superman.” What the hell is going on?

Parallel dimensions! [Wisty throws her hands up in the air with a grin momentarily.] Started dealing with them a few years ago, to be honest- I just. [Shyly, she scratches the back of her head.] I guess I assumed you were from my world, cause you look so much like a friend of mine- I haven’t seen her in a long time, so I thought you were her. 


Oh god.

[Laughing was always good. Wally was hilarious if you asked him. But hoo boy, yes some of his problems could be solved easier but he was kind of stubborn about certain things.]

First, Logan isn’t ginger and I can’t take him with me to college or while I’m committing robbery. Second, what is an army without its general? Besides, you’re the only ginger there too. And, some of the adoption papers are still going through. It’s a journey.

can poor logan truly provide no comfort when you get home? poor puppy, he just wants to help! [she dramatically sighs with a pout, to drive her point home.] 

so what’s with the army anyways? like- what’s the deal? 


Roi chuckled a bit and rubbed her head. “Yeah, well, y’know, it ricoched off it. Plus with the blunt rubber head it did sorta bounce a bit to get a bit more oomph.”

Speedy blinked at the question. “Yeah, he. Somethin’ wrong?”

[Ah. That made sense. Wisty nods to show she’s paying attenion to the primary subject of the conversation- though, with what she’s about to say it may move to being the secondary subject.] It’s just that- the Green Arrow I’m used to is a woman. Same with the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquawoman… Batwoman and Superwoman too. 


Pla-who? And I’d rather not see that, sounds freakin’ nasty, but hey if you heroes are into that stuff, all the more power to you.

[he was teasing, sort of, although, he honestly didn’t know who plasmius was. Dear gods, she seemed rather chipper, and energetic. Percy had a feeling if he gave her sugar that’d be a very bad idea.]

Are you always this um… happy?

and it was nasty. but dude, it’s a giant goo thing that makes weird noises. it’s so gross, and it’s just trying to either goo everyone it sees or eat nuclear waste- which is also really gross and dangerous! like, have you ever fought at one of those places? 

[oh percy, you had no idea. truly you didn’t. with a laugh she nods, though she refrains from mentioning how extreme any emotion she displays is.]

pretty much, yeah! i think it’s a speedster thing? except for thad, he’s kind of a grump.


Missed you too, sis. You have no idea how awful the world is as a lone ginger in the big vast world of college and robbery.

[That is definitely him pouting into her hair, puffed up cheeks and all. Because he is a child.]

[she knew how one of those things could be easily fixed. wasn’t gonna say it of course, but still. she had to laugh though- oh wally, what would she do without you?]

i’m sure you had logan to help- and besides, what about that ‘little sister army’ you keep tweeting about? 


Don’t you hero types always stand on awe of Batman? { she frowns and pops the last bit of ice cream cone in her mouth, daintily wiping of any excess sweet off her lips with a napkin }

certainly i admire his accomplishments and his compassion for others, even those he locks up- but he’s kind of an asshole. 

[and don’t get her started on the joker- the one who had hurt her best friend so much, took her best friend’s little sister away, crippled and killed hundreds for the sake of a joke… but that was for another time. she had ice cream to eat.]


Yeah, sorry about that. But I sure wish I could, man, bouncing an arrown of a building at such a perfect angle, and the way it just hit ‘im four times- four times! -fuck, I really wish Green Arrow was here to see that. He’d be so friggin proud. And jealous. But so proud.”

[She just laughs.] Nothin’ to apologize for, dude. Though… I didn’t know arrows could bounce. [Maybe she should look into this sort of thing more often. But Wisty pauses after a moment.] 

Wait- he?